Press Release - Country Haven Retirement Homes Inc.

Beachburg -- The new owners of Country Haven Retirement Home are looking forward to a great year.

Country Haven Retirement HomeAnil Verma is a partner in Vista Hospitality which purchased the home late last month.

This international company, with headquarters in Kitchener, has a variety of businesses, including shopping centres, hotels, resorts and now retirement homes, he said. The CEO of the company is Amin Visram. The company was formed 18 years ago, however, Mr. Verma only joined it about two years ago. He and Mr. Visram went to university together, although they are a few years apart in age. After university they went their own ways, and about two years ago, they began talking again and Mr. Verma joined the company.

Since the company is into re-investment, there will be a complete overhaul at Country Haven, he said.

“We want people to walk in and say ‘wow’,” Mr. Verma said. “It doesn’t have to look like an institution.”

“We buy things that need capital investment,” Mr. Verma said.

Country Haven is the second retirement home for the corporation, he said.

“We’re hoping to purchase two more,” he added.

Retirement home operation is a new venture for the company and one Mr. Verma is looking forward to.

When looking to purchase a retirement home, he said the company looks for potential growth and that will happen in this area.

“We want to offer the best service at a good rate,” he added.

To bring Country Haven up to this corporation’s standards, Mr. Verma said the roof will be redone, the driveway paved and the colour scheme changed so it’s brighter.

However, the key to ensuring survival is good staff, he said.

“If we don’t give good service, no one will live here,” Mr. Verma said.

It’s important the people who live in the home feel like they are at home, he said.

“Those living and working at the home will become like family to each other,” he said. “We strive for a family environment.”

There are 56 rooms at Country Haven which can accommodate up to 80 people, he noted.

To ensure there is as little disruption to the residents as possible, Mr. Verma said much of the work can be done while the residents are sleeping. But, for the times there are disruptions, the end result will pay off.Mr. Anil Verma

For residents at Country Haven, their rent includes three meals a day, two snacks, housekeeping, nursing, laundry and entertainment, he said. There is also a chapel and library, hair salon, huge yard with a gazebo and a vehicle provided, at a cost, for people going to appointments.

There are currently 27 employees at Country Haven. Tom Chaput has been appointed administrator and Kelly Kosnaski is Director of Care.

Mr. Verma said plans are underway to host an open house with a barbecue in August.

Living in Ottawa with his wife Anita of 15 years, the couple has two children, Priyanka is 14 and Parag is 10. The family spends a lot of time together, including watching the Ottawa Senators. Mr. Verma does admit he is busy much of the time reading and doing research for the business.

By: Connie White, Editor
The Cobden Sun

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